Employee Testimonials

      Swapnil Sharma,
      Senior Principal Software Engineer


      I have been a proud Turtle since 2016. I’m an experienced Principal Software Engineer who constantly seeks out innovative solutions to everyday problems. In my six years of experience here, I’ve honed my critical and analytical thinking, collaboration skills and attention to detail. These have helped me to learn and grow in the organization. I’ve also had the opportunity to serve as the Software Engineering Lead. We work within sets of principles, best practices, and methods that lead to the development of a product that is reliable, efficient, and effective.

      Mythreyi Sathindran,
      Senior Product Manager


      It has been an enriching journey with Ace Turtle. The organization is employee-centric and many of us have had opportunities to work in different functions and take up roles internally that better meet our career aspirations. Having joined the catalog operations team, I had a great opportunity to move to Product and have continued to grow. The culture is backed with strong engagement programs, forums and benefits for employees. It is truly a place where we work hard and party harder.