Your web store needs to change with changing customer demand

Your web store needs to change with changing customer demand

Your web store needs to change with changing customer demand

web store needs to change with changing customer demand

Retailers and brands have a battle on to keep with the demands of the modern digitally empowered customers. Today’s digital shoppers are consciously making purchasing decisions based on how technologically innovative and advanced the channel options are.
In terms of the convenience and choice it enables, technology has come to a point of difference in its own right. Brands and retailers that can introduce new interfaces, new channels, new methods to make the online journey as convenient and seamless as possible can gain a significant competitive advantage.
Shopping journeys must be designed around the expectations of tech-savvy consumers in order to retain them. As channels multiply and evolve technologically, implementing flexible, future proof, omnichannel eCommerce platforms increasingly becomes a priority.

What do online shoppers want?

The first and primary step in designing digital retail experience that match the expectations of the customer is to understand what they want. In order to understand the motives and expectations of the tech-savvy customer, you need to get into the mind of the digital natives – the millennials and younger consumer groups who have been shopping frequently from multiple online platforms.
Next-generation technologies such as Amazon echo and Google Homes are increasingly playing a critical role in determining the shopping behaviour of today’s customers. Customers are even interested in having home appliances like refrigerators re-order for them.

Moulding your digital platform to fit

It’s true that modern digital customers want it all. They are excited about the convenience of finding everything they need in one place online, however, they still like the convenience of shopping around, and do a comparison of prices between the two channels. They demand 100% availability of products they want and also super-fast delivery.

How do retailers keep up?

The retailers also need to prioritize technology starting from their web store. Meeting the needs and demand of modern digital customers should be of top agenda and the fundamental guiding principle behind eCommerce system design. That means a comprehensive omnichannel approach and the flexibility to do all things across channels and yet maintain consistency across the shopping journey.
Digital innovation and ability to integrate new technologies into the systems seamlessly are critical in ensuring that your eCommerce platform matches shifting consumer expectations.
A smart Order Management System (OMS) has become a critical component of modern eCommerce architecture because of the need to meet increasingly challenging fulfilment demands. With Amazon Prime setting next day delivery as the standard, the next frontier is same-day or sub-two-hour fulfilment, whether through click and collect or home delivery.
OMS is pivotal in streamlining such logistically challenging services across multiple channels, ensuring that dispatch or collection are arranged swiftly no matter where and how the customer made the purchase. The only recourse digital retailers and brands have to meet the demands of the modern tech-savvy shopper – through innovation and taking calculated risks with technology. In pursuit of better agility, omnichannel integration, scalability, cost-effectiveness and future-proofing systems, boundaries must be pushed, and new territories explored. The success for retailers in the future will depend on how they adopt technology to make their web stores digital capable to match or even edge pass other online channels.

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