The customer got the wrong order: How to deal with it

The customer got the wrong order: How to deal with it

The customer got the wrong order: How to deal with it

Have you ever ordered something online, waited patiently for it, only to realize that the product you received is not what you ordered for? This is especially true when you think that an online purchase of a product will give you a better deal and you don’t explore the same in an offline store. You waste your weekend, only to find that this was not the product you were looking for.

A study by Voxware finds that 54% of respondents cite receiving the wrong item as the most prevalent reason for returning an item that they purchase online. Hence, it is quite evident that 97% of respondents point out that the return process is key to their intention to buy from a particular retailer.

Errors in online orders

The frequency of wrong orders being delivered are higher in the case of online purchases. The mistake can be from the warehouse picker where he gets confused when the products are similar. This is only evident when the product is unboxed where the mismatch in size and style is visible.
Alternatively, an item can be in the incorrect package. Thick of a pair of red shoes incorrectly packed in the black shoe box. There might also be situations where damaged products are packed, or the order gets damaged while on transit. According to Invesp infographic, 20% of consumer return their product because they receive a damaged order.

Why click and collect is the best option

Wrong or defective orders creates the necessity to adopt click and collect mechanism. They are just as convenient as standard online orders. Also, click and collect is available at the convenience of the customer. Moreover, these orders also give the customer the option to check the product, before they go out of the store. It means that there is an additional opportunity to check or resolve in case of a wrong order before he or she walks out.

Return solution for a wrong order

However, what can you do if your customer doesn’t select click and collect option? Fixing these wrong orders warranties, a pre-existing mechanism that can resolve this issue. If as a brand you are serious about your omnichannel strategies, then you must ensure that your order management system has a strong return management process in place. A robust retail order management system will have the capability to go out of the box to build solutions. Don’t adopt a platform solution that after installation, requires consultants or coders to come in to actually build your order management.
Look for a solution, that has robust return capabilities that can handle item mismatches, receipt-free return, and the ability to accept a return back into your inventory in real-time. These features make life much easier for your store teams and your customers. It also makes your retail management much more efficient by making those returned products ready to be resold without having to depend on discounting.

Order management is quite a significant investment. It takes considerable effort to deploy it into your existing system and train the staffs accordingly. Hence, you need to select wisely and carefully – and make sure it has a strong, feature-rich returns capabilities. Make sure that you don’t have to grapple with wrong order syndrome anymore.

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