Is your order management system flexible?

Is your order management system flexible?

Is your order management system flexible?

We all know that the attention span of an average human is falling day by day. This is far more applicable in the retail ecosystem, especially when customers have a wide array of medium to choose from. Hence, buying behavior is also changing drastically. If you are not able to change with them, you are endangering your retail business.

When the eCommerce players roll out their campaigns for festive seasons, your order management process needs to change. During other times, you wanted to choose stores that are closest to the customers for fulfillment. But few weeks before the festive seasons you need to change this to fulfill online orders from the warehouses. It makes sense as the festive season will be busy enough for your in-store staff as well. Additionally, you would want to have enough stock in your stores when the customers come ready to buy. This is where flexibility plays a key role. But just changing the functionality according to date is not good enough. Can you adjust your processes on a moment’s notice?

Your Order Management System needs to adapt to buying scenarios. Every second count here as dynamics shopping changes. In other words, the rules that you set up for your order management process needs to be easily configurable. You cannot count on a coder who would be doing these adjustments. It should be as convenient and easy as a standard drop-down menu. Is this what you have today?

    Problems of legacy OMS and custom-built system

    Many OMS system gives you the basics. This could be there standard order routing setting or a simple single way to set up a safety stock level. These systems are tailored to a very fixated outlook on how the retail ecosystem works. But the reality is that retail is constantly changing. So, if you wish to sustain your business for a long duration, you need to adapt your system to the ever-changing retail scenarios.

    The other type of system that you would wish to stay away from is the once which are completely custom made. It looks agile but only for a very short duration of time. Often, these providers will show a solution that is tailor-made for your existing system. Sounds amazing but you need to be cautious. Your customers will change based on demographic, styles, needs, technology and attention span. Your OMS need to be adaptable in order to take all these factors into consideration.

    Having an agile and flexible order management system is the order of the day. Customers shopping behavior changes in a flash. To keep up, you need to adapt. You need to have a dynamic and agile Order Management System in plays.

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Karishma Kiran
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