Omnichannel order Management: Challenges to take care of

Order Management, omnichannel, inventory visibility

Omnichannel order Management: Challenges to take care of

Omnichannel order Management: Challenges to take care of

Order Management, Warehouse, order fulfillment, order fulfillment, inventory optimization ,OmniChannel

As a strategy, omnichannel methods are creating quite a bit of an impact in the retail ecosystem. Although it has been an industry buzzword which has been overused a lot although most retailers find it difficult to implement it, the fact of the matter is that omnichannel is something which the customer wants. A report released by Cyberhill says “British parents spend over $7740 dressing their children in their first 11 years! The modern-day parent is an omnichannel shopper, moving between high street, online, mobile, or even Instagram shop”. Despite it being UK based research, we can easily draw parallels with the findings in other parts of the world as well.
Customer expectation hinges on access, availability, consistency and fulfillment options. These are the core competencies that make omnichannel order management important. This is why brands need to focus on technology, instead of the peripheral systems. The right omnichannel order management system is pivotal in retail transformation.

Ask your service provider about their distributed order management capability

For long it has been proved that on-premise solutions are dead. The total cost of ownership just does not make any sense. Go for an omnichannel enabler who have proven distributed order management capabilities.
Your core focus is on providing the best shopping experience for your customers. So, keep your eye on that target. Let others run the infrastructure. Keep an eye on customer satisfaction, experience and building and running a great retail business.
Your service provider should have the capability to seamlessly integrate into your existing system and deliver omnichannel solutions with speed and scale.

Why click and collect is the best option

Wrong or defective orders creates the necessity to adopt click and collect mechanism. They are just as convenient as standard online orders. Also, click and collect is available at the convenience of the customer. Moreover, these orders also give the customer the option to check the product, before they go out of the store. It means that there is an additional opportunity to check or resolve in case of a wrong order before he or she walks out.

Maximize your inventory visibility

Modern shoppers prefer online for their initial search. Except for the simplest items, people research and shop online. Hence, it is imperative to show them what you have got, across channels. If you have it in your store, tell them about it. No matter which stock point a particular product is kept, the customer must have access to it irrespective of the channel they are using to shop.
Let’s expect that shoppers actually expect real-time inventory visibility. Just connecting your existing warehouse management system to your eCommerce platform won’t help. If it is a batch run, then the data is always out of date. It does not capture the online orders across marketplaces as well as the orders that are being processed right in-store. An advanced order management system (OMS) captures all this data, real-time.
If you are looking to increase customer satisfaction, the first step is to realize the importance of your omnichannel order management to provide real-time inventory visibility. It’s the first step to get that customer order.

Optimizing order fulfillment

Order fulfillment is about getting the purchased order to the customer at the earliest. To do so, knowing the stock point from which order can be most effectively shipped is very important. This needs a system that knows all the inventory location and can technically ship the order from any location.
Brands are also faced with the challenge of improving the effectiveness of omnichannel. This involves leveraging all resources in the chain. That also means enabling multiple fulfillment options including ship from store. It also means allowing to buy online in-store pickup (BOPIS) or click and collect. Ultimately, it comes down to how effectively your order management system effectively source your orders from any inventory location which results in omnichannel fulfillment.
What retailers need today is a system that is built to integrate to different best-in-class technologies. Make sure that the Distributed Order Management system seeks to create a unified commerce ecosystem with a variety of omnichannel solutions. Look for solutions that provide a seamless retail buying journey. At the end of the day, this will be the most important aspect of solving your challenges.

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