Focus on order fulfillment – not engagement to create brand loyalty

Focus on order fulfillment

Focus on order fulfillment – not engagement to create brand loyalty

Focus on order fulfillment – not engagement to create brand loyalty


Last year we witnessed an increase in the adoption of buy online pick up in store and even same day delivery. Brands now have no other options but to meet and exceed the heightened expectation around order management. The quicker you can fulfil the first order for a customer, the possibility of a second order increases that much more thereby enhancing customer engagement. Quicker delivery of order is one of the important factor that gives you an edge over your competitors.

However, there is no “one size fit all” equation when it comes to order fulfilment. What works for one brand’s shopper may not be suitable for the other one. When it comes to fulfilment, the bar raises continuously with the changing demands of today’s omnichannel customer. So, to succeed in today’s age, you need to figure out the most productive mix of omnichannel options for your brand that will ultimately keep your customers loyal.

According to Forrester, while doing this may seem like an uphill task, starting with a trusted order management system can help get you on the path to being able to serve your customer in the way you uniquely need to do. The best order fulfilment platforms provide business managers with the ability to build their own dashboard and action panels, features that give you more control over order operations.

What does exceptional customer service mean to a retailer? Is it only discounts and in-store experience that enables higher engagement? Not at all. Providing value to your customer starts with how the basics of their buying journey are made seamless. Delivery of the order is an important component of a customer’s buying journey. Apart from free shipping and free return on all orders, same day order pickup and delivery plays a critical role in enhancing your customer service. The ability to have real-time insights into inventory at each of your stores is what serves customers specific needs and keep them happy and coming back again and again.

It’s all about putting order fulfilment at the heart of your customer’s experience strategy. Also, it depends on the flexibility with which you can make iteration to the structure of your order management system in order to keep up with the changing need of your customers.

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