Delivering an efficient click and collect strategy

Delivering an efficient click and collect strategy

Delivering an efficient click and collect strategy


Click and Collect is a win-win situation for brands and their customers. On one hand, it provides the convenience to shoppers to collect their purchases from a nearby location without being charged. On the other hand, it’s a great way for retailers to reduce delivery costs and increase footfalls to their physical stores where customers are often tempted to make additional purchases.

Engaging online customers through stores

The in-store experience is still a critical touch point for retailers looking to enhance the relationship with their customers. In addition, it’s also an opportunity for shoppers to browse more and buy more.
Click and Collect is also a way for retailers to optimize their delivery network. Since retailers already need to deliver items to their stores for replenishment, they can optimize the use of their existing vehicles and reduce transportation costs by delivering Click & Collect order at the same time.

Making decision on investing in click and collect

Click and Collect satisfies customer demand for same day fulfilment and drives incremental sales in-store. Retailers can’t afford to disappoint or lose customers due to longer than acceptable delivery times. If your current fulfilment processes and expenditure restricts you to compete with marketplaces same day delivery promise, click and collect may be an excellent option.

Dynamics of Order Management System when implementing or updating Click and Collect

As retailers contemplate implementation of click and collect, they should also be aware of the complexities involved. If their OMS is outdated, they will need order routing capabilities as well as click and collect technology. They need to look at this holistically. Is it better to replace and upgrade to a SaaS solution or bolt-on to their existing solution? Both are options that need to be considered.

Importance of inventory visibility for the efficiency of click and collect

Click and Collect will only be successful with an accurate view of inventory. It is an omnichannel capability and there are two important backend components of omnichannel – distributed order management with intelligent order orchestration and enterprise-wide inventory visibility and availability. Without these critical components, retailers should not attempt click and collect.

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