How store environment is critical for ‘click and collect’ to succeed

How store environment is critical for ‘click and collect’ to succeed

How store environment is critical for ‘click and collect’ to succeed

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You’ve entered the store and have the chance to look around explore the items you need. The store associate assists you to ensure that you have a smooth checkout as well. The attendant is extremely courteous and made your purchase experience easy and convenient.
But by the time, it takes you to return your payment card to your wallet, your purchased item has disappeared. Now it’s up to you to find them. It’s highly frustrating and reiterates the importance of store environment in making a click and collect a success.

It’s click and collect, and not only ‘click’

When making a click and collect purchase, it’s not that the item vanishes from your sight just like that. They were never right in front of you at the first place. Most often they are in the distribution center or brick and mortar location waiting to be bought. This scenario hints at why it is important to not only pay attention to ease the “click” but also “collect” as part of your omnichannel strategy.
Making your eCommerce website highly responsive and optimized is important. This would help product discovery easy and seamless. Also, with all the relevant information at the tip of the finger, chances of sales conversion increase significantly. Moreover, the customer is happy as it was a complete transaction.

A financial transaction is not the end of click and collect services

Even though the financial transaction is complete, the service or journey for your click and collect customer doesn’t end there. You need to understand that these customers have opted to pick up his order from your store instead of going for home delivery simply because they want greater convenience and speed. Or they want to save the delivery fee when the order is below a certain value.
As for convenience, many click and collect retailers offer more beyond only in-store pickup. Adding a convenient pickup location is one of them. But convenience for click and collect doesn’t stop only at the pickup location. There is more that retailers need to offer its omnichannel customers including communication about pickup instructions. It includes store signage directing the customer to the click and collect zone and also in-store staff to help with collection.
Satisfying the customer up to and during the financial transaction is important. It brings trust and reliability for the customer. But if as a brand you are interested in creating repeat click and collect experience, you need to focus on the entire customer journey.

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