8 reasons why Endless Aisles are the new Black!

8 reasons why Endless Aisles are the new Black!

8 reasons why Endless Aisles are the new Black!

Ever been stuck in a changing room waiting for a dress of the colour to go with your handbag, only to be told that it is unavailable? Do you stock your store and back rooms with all the season’s styles only to find out that you’re still losing sale because of size-outs? Then an ‘endless aisle’ is for you!

8 reasons to get that Endless Aisle in place:

1. Complete the Sale: Your store is your art gallery and your staff its curators. Why let customers walk out empty handed if you can help it? With a mobile ordering device and POS, help close sales regardless of whether the product is in-store or available virtually.

2. Deliver incremental Value: Provide Endless Aisle experiences with kiosks and/or sales staff with mobile devices. They could assist customers in accessing relevant styles and colours and complement the store experience with virtually unlimited inventory on hand.

3. Consistent Brand Experience: Never lose that added opportunity to engage with and delight your customer. Deliver consistent brand experience by having the same range and depth of product available to customers whether they shop on-line or at your store.

4. Opportunities to up-sell & cross sell: Giving the sales tools to store sales staff to enable them to dazzle your customer in store with their ability to offer to curate products as per customer choices. Up-selling and/or cross selling will then feel not just natural but will also be expected and welcomed.

5. Retain your margins: by selling through at-risk inventory at any store from slow sell-through locations. Easier said than done, but having access to a virtual inventory should make this a breeze.

6. Maximize store real estate productivity: back to the gallery simile, enhance the use of the floor space and optimize the real estate that you spend so much on.

7. Customer expectations: not just meet them, but exceed them. Restore faith in the brick & mortar, assure your customers of being the destination to shop and ensure better footfalls to your store.

8. Empower Sales Staff: Augment the sales staff knowledge through the access to a virtual inventory and its information. Better recommendations may be made with a tool that gives them a one click repository of product updates, features and sale-able qualities. Customers today and tomorrow will in most probability know everything they need to about the products they browse and buy; before entering your store.

Retail is on steroids, with the manifestation of what was just jargon (click & collect, order in store, ship from store); and having a virtual inventory in your limited store is now the key to leveraging inventory and meeting your customers’ expectations as they shop in the store.

Ace Turtle
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